Wonderful Wonderings
- Lysa - 17 -

- I've been searching for something different. But I'm not really sure what kind of difference is that. My life is too normal. I got few friends. I have people who admire me. And I am always searching for that twist.

- Shortcomings caused by:

shoujo manga
asian dramas

I’m her friend. But the way she say things like she has no friend as if I don’t exist. And that she threw away a good friend for a bunch of fake friends that is now back stabbing her, she is just too unworthy.

“Spark? Yun yung nagkaka tugma kayo ng gusto. Tapos walang awkward moment dahil nasasakyan niyo ang biruan ng isa’t-isa. Dun sana magsibol lahat. Haha! Baka kasi akalain pa nila sa future na nagbibiro ka pa rin tapos hindi nila alam seryoso na pala sila.”

-   (via matabangutak)
“Boys, please respect ALL girls and not only those who you think is PRETTY. Cause if you don’t, FUCK YOU.”