Wonderful Wonderings
- Lysa - 17 -

- I've been searching for something different. But I'm not really sure what kind of difference is that. My life is too normal. I got few friends. I have people who admire me. And I am always searching for that twist.

- Shortcomings caused by:

shoujo manga
asian dramas


Even though I unsubscribe his facebook, unfollow his twitter and tumblr, he wouldn’t notice right? I’m just a normal girl and he’s too far away. He’s brilliant like jewel and shines among the net idol this days. He wouldn’t notice since the number of his fans increasing huh? A loss of one is not important, not at all. What an heartbreaker. </3 

Credit to the photo: Ranz Kyle Viniel E [tho I edited it.] :’)

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